New Photographers Must Know These 3 Types of DSLR Cameras

At first glance, the shape of a DSLR camera for beginners, enthusiasts or professionals is almost the same, but if examined further, these three types actually have many differences that lie in the features of the camera body, the technology in it, and how complicated how to use the camera. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a good camera at a low price, just check the best black Friday camera.

Here’s how to distinguish the camera:

1. DSLR Camera for Beginners (Beginners)

Usually, a beginner or entry-level camera is practical. All operating features are easier and have many color variations on the camera body. Its weight is usually lighter so it is comfortable to hold and carry. Menu choices and features are made to make it easier to use, so usually, everything is instant or automatic. DSLR camera prices for beginners are generally cheaper when compared to cameras for fans and professionals. This type of camera is very suitable if it is only used for personal documentation that does not require certain image quality.

2. DSLR Camera for Hobbies (Semi-Pro)

This camera is commonly known as the middle level, is the type that has more complex manual settings, but still, has automatic choices. This camera is made for those who already understand the basic settings of photography.

This type of camera usually has a faster photo burst, even some cameras are equipped with full-frame sensors.

This DSLR camera is perfect for those who want to pursue photography hobby more seriously. A medium-level DSLR camera is quite popular among photography service providers in this country because the price is not too expensive and its function is close to a pro camera.

3. DSLR Cameras for Professionals (Pro)

DSLR cameras for professionals, or usually abbreviated as pros, are arguably the best cameras compared to the two types we have discussed before. The camera for these professionals has more complete features, more sophisticated technology and of course the price of a more expensive DSLR camera.

This type of DSLR camera is widely used by professional photographers for various purposes. The settings are more complex and on most models, they have no automatic settings at all.

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